Moss Lake


Important Lake Announcements:

The repair of the dam has now been expanded to filling in the 48" pipe which was installed at the bottom of the dam to allow a release of  Buffalo Creek down-stream while the dam was being built.  The pipe is being modified so that it will not possibly leak in the future.  This involves scuba divers, replacing metal plates that plugged the pipe, removing permanent valves, installing temporary large valves to release water pressure as needed, and completely filling the pipe so it is effectively and forever a non-leaking part of the dam.  The cost will exceed $500,000 and the effort is expected to continue for several more months.

Payment Information

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Lake Level

Date of lake level reading: 2/10/2019
Lake Level: 3.625" below normal lake level

* Normal lake level is at 12' 8.5" and lake water temperature readings are taken at a depth of 10'.